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PowerPile will be in World of Concrete 

Come and meet us in Las Vegas January 21 - 24, 2014 

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PowerPile’s unique technology for soil subsidence problems has been used around the world, and is now available in the US, Canada and Mexico. PowerPile is an internationally patented technology for the injection of expanding geopolymer into geotextile tubes. Designed for soil conditions in which conventional grouting methods are no longer effective, environmentallyfriendly PowerPile stabilizes and supports sunken earth supported structures in weak soil conditions with measurable compressive strength. PowerPile projects have successfully been completed all over the world including airports, bridges, residen- tial and commercial buildings, historic structures, railways, seaports, dams, subways, embankments, etc. Unlike traditional pillars, Power- Piles will not rust or rot – and, the pillars compact and improve the surrounding soil. Licensing opportunities exist for YOU to exclusively provide this unique and globally proven technology: Come by Booth #S12452 and see how Power- Pile can benefit your bottom line. 

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call: 213-700-0631

PowerPile will be in booth s12452. (Look from map)