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Soil Stabilizing Job Can Be Done Anywhere with the New PowerPile Truck

The project can be done now anywhere and in any conditions, even without available electricity and freezing winter time.

The new PowerPile truck operates independently with its own machinery and is location independent. Therefore we can do underpinning works without electricity or water.

We also have two drilling units, which will be independent operating units in the future.

All the installation equipment are small and operable in tight spaces.

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Through foundation with Powerdriver

We have developed our own Powerdriver, which can push, hammer and drill. Hole can be made just next to wall line, which enables installation of PowerPile element only few centimeters from wall.

Other drilling equipment may be used as well, but our intention is to make as little disturbance as possible.

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Computer controlled injection

The Power Extractor injection device is also our own development. The device is computer controlled and makes the injection process very accurate. It also fits in very tight spaces.