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PowerPile Benefits for Improving Weak Foundation Soil

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Time Saving - Fast solution for sunken foundations

Installation of Powerpile polymer pillars is even 90 % faster than traditional underpinning methods. The job is performed usually in couple of days and even a bigger project can be finished in couple of weeks. The cleaning of jobsite is also fast, because excavations are not needed and the structures of house don't have to be broken, apart of few installation holes.


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Minimal disruption

The project can be done without excavations and breaking of floors. The installation causes hardly any dust or noise problems. 

The project doesn't affect much to normal living.

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Cost efficient

Part of the cost efficiency of installation is based on that fact, that polymer pillars can be installed directly below the foundation and expensive and complicated load transfer structures are not needed. 

In many cases the speed of installation brings also huge savings.

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Tested and proven solution

Close cell multicompound geopolymer is very rigid substance. When polymer is injected to ground conditions it is encapsulated with very strong fabric. The formed composite structure is very strong and durable. A life span of 65 years is estimated even to previous, weaker polymers.  

The structural strength properties of PowerPile has been studied in various environments, e.g. in Finland in Tampere University of Technology and Turku University of Applied sciences.

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Environmental friendly

The life span of a house can in many cases be expanded with Powerpile method. A inhabitable house with subsidence problems is always a problem for environment.

PowerPile method has very minimal environment effect because of speed and light and mobile installation equipment

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PowerPile installation is always done by professionals. All our workmen have strong experience and qualification to their job. Besides they train themselves constantly to respond more challenging works all the time. 

Regarding to our structural and geotechnical engineering we refer only to the best professionals available.

The environmental safety of our polymer has been qualified thoroughly and causiousness is always taken into account at work.