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PowerPile is Fast, Minimally Disruptive Ground Engineering Solution to Stabilize and Support Settling Structures

PowerPile geopolymer pillar is an internationally patented technology for ground improvement and structural support. The technology has been developed to solve problems caused by weak foundation soil conditions, which may be too challenging to treat cost effectively with conventional ground engineering methods. PowerPile technology is already utilized by ground engineering companies in many countries in Europe, Latin America and Australasia, with more than 500 successful projects completed.

How PowerPile Works?

  • Installation element is inserted below foundation 
  • Injected geopolymer forms a rigid pillar
  • PowerPile supports foundation and compacts soil

PowerPile Benefits

  • Can be inserted directly beneath building foundations
  • Ideal for difficult access – no large piling rig required
  • No excavations, noise, dust, or mess

PowerPile Business Opportunities

Billions of dollars all over the world will be spent in remediating and fixing infrastructure settlement problems. PowerPile can fix these broblems. Now PowerPile is looking for new contractors in various countries

PowerPile References

Although PowerPile is a new and innovative method in market, it has already over 500 references. The fast and non-disruptive installation makes it an ideal solution for residential and commercial buildings.