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Now you have opportunity to become a PowerPile contractor in your local area. With PowerPile technology you can solve settlement problems and stabilize sunken structures.

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Profitable Licensee Business Opportunities

PowerPile is looking for new contractors in various countries

PowerPile is specialized in geopolymer technology to solve foundation and infrastructure soil problems within repair construction industry. 

Now we are looking for new contractors in various countries for example: USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia and many more. Contact us for more information.


PowerPile global mega trends - Huge market potential

  • Billions of dollars all over the world will be spent in remediating and fixing infrastructure settlement problems
  • On average half of earth supported structures have settlement problems
  • Traditional repair methods contribute to additional air and groundwater pollution
  • The markets everywhere are seeking new, innovative solutions to recurring structural problems
  • Your home country is waiting for you to bring PowerPile to solve their soil related structural and infrastructure

Key market segments for PowerPile technology

  •  Residential properties
  • Commercial buildings
  • Airports
  • Historical structures
  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Industrial buildings
  • Ports
  • Mines

PowerPile key benefits

  • Cost effective PowerPile projects cost less than conventional methods
  • Minimal disruption Production can continue
  • Fast Conventional method projects take weeks - PowerPile projects usually just days 
  • Innovative Internationally patented technology
  • Top quality Over 500 successful projects completed
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PowerPile stabilizing residential house foundations

Image description

Stablizing road with PowerPile pillars

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Photo from PowerPile highway stabilizing job site

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Example how PowerPile elements are isnstalled under the foundations

We offer to our new licensee holders

  • Highly profitable business opportunity in various countries and areas
  • Access to new geopolymer products and solutions
  • Access to vast global expertise

We require from licencee holder candidates

  • Significant construction experience
  • Willingness to assume high growth targets
  • No previous affiliation with polymer technologies

We appreciate

  • Former ground engineering experience
  • Local presence
  • Proven expertise in sales and marketing

Become a PowerPile contractor

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