PowerPile pillars

PowerPile element with diameter of 1.18 inch will expand after installation to approximately 13 inch wide pillar. Fast, clean, quiet and precise installation 

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What is Expanding PowerPile Geopolymer Pillar?

Stabilize structures and strengthens the soil 

PowerPile offers completely new possibilities 

  • Whole new patented technique
  • Pre-fabricated, user-friendly elements 
  • Fast, clean, quiet and precise installation
  • Only 1.18 – 2.04 inch holes to the soil / floor
  • The pillar expands and hardens immediately to a new diameter of about 13 inch.
  • Instant effect, no waiting or delay time 
  • Carrying capacity of tens of tons

PowerPile geopolymer

Geopolymer that is injected to form the PowerPile expanding polymer pillars has been used for over 30 years. It is long lasting, well proven and safe. The speific material used in PowerPile has been specially developed but it retains the same basic physical properties and resistance.

PowerPile pillar

The pillar material is injected into our specially designed for the process and utilize modern, lightweight materials that are industry leading in terms of strength.

Pillars are available in lengths up to 25 metres and are individually tailored to the needs of every project.

Before any work begins all PowerPile projects are examined and dimensioned by experts to ensure the best possible result.

Installation is fast and clean

Following careful, prior evaluation of ground conditions, the procedure is carried out in the following phases.

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Drilling a 30 - 50 mm hole

Installing a flexible expansion element

Injecting expanding geopolymer inside the expansion element

PowerPile key benefits:

  • Can be inserted directly beneath concrete floor slabs and building foundations
  • Ideal for difficult access – no large piling rig required
  • No excavations, noise, dust, or mess
  • Environmentally neutral
  • Time savings 
  • Tested and proven solution
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PowerPile needs just small hole to install the element, no need to destroy whole floors

How PowerPile works for ground improvement?

PowerPile Polymer Pillars improves foundation soil due to the following factors:

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PowerPile expanding polymer pillars installed directly under foundation

  • filling voids
  • soil replacement
  • soil compaction
  • load transfer
  • skin friction
  • cohesion
  • base resistance

Diagram showing the formation of a PowerPile expanding polymer pillar in weak foundation soil

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